Cougar Dating – The Pitfalls You Should Beware Of!

If you are a woman between 40 and 60 years old and want to have hot sex with a young hunk without any commitments whatsoever or any strings attached, for that matter, then you need to look into cougar dating today. However, if you want to find a solid relationship that may eventually result in marriage, then you need to steer clear of cougar dating altogether. So, think ahead and try to see what the future has in store for you before making your final decision in the matter.

Think about these questions, too: do you like being seen as the prize in the relationship? Do you like feeling unique? Do you like knowing that you can offer men things that other women cannot offer them, such as your wit, your humor, your intellect, your unique thoughts about life, your emotional support, your love and your ultimate bond and chemistry?

Would you be wiling to stop being the prize for a short-term fling?
For something completely unsubstantial?
For something that may or may not give you a short confidence boost?

Well, that is all that cougar dating can really offer you – that, and emotional toll. Admit it: as a woman, you are a very emotional creature, no matter how strong you think you might be. This is simply how God made you. Women generally have difficulties separating sexual relationships from love, most of all when the sack sessions are good and the emotions evolve quicker than expected.

This isn’t how cougar dating is meant to work, though. Young hunks end up milking older women for everything that they can get out of it, and they can easily separate sex and love by nature.

Unfortunately, this isn’t how things work with women. So, when the woman’s emotional attachment starts to click in, she might end up getting possessive and wondering why he doesn’t call more or visit her more. She might start getting angry when she catches him looking at younger women, as well.

This might make her scared of losing him, so she might start buying him gifts and paying for his bills. She might start lending him money for various business opportunities and might eventually start getting too attached to him.

Sometimes, this might lead to long-term relationships. However, you really shouldn’t count on that!

Here are several things to think about:
If you already have children and get involved with someone in his 20s, you need to remember that he is just starting while you are already done with certain phases.

– Could you have more kids with this man?
– Can you live with the fact that you will get gray hair and wrinkles earlier than him?

Aside from that, are you prepared to live with somebody who doesn’t share any interests with you in terms of movies, music, technology or art? Remember: he is from a completely different generation altogether.

If you imagine yourself getting married to someone that you can have a romantic, healthy and lasting marriage with, then you need to steer clear of cougar dating like the plague. Instead, try looking for a man who has direction and is ready for that phase in his life.

To get the man of your dreams, practice certain win-win principles that are based on the male psychology when they are challenged to go after a woman. Become the bait that he will want to catch and then pair up this challenge with principles of Agape love. This will give you a great combination in your hands that will increase your chances of winning over a loving husband. Wouldn’t that be so much greater than joining the cougar dating trend?

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