Clear And Unbiased Facts About Cougar Sex Without All The Hype

By now everyone knows what the term cougar mean when applied to dating. A cougar is a woman somewhere between the age of 30 to 50 who prefers to date a guy around the age of 25. Her reasons may be known only to her, but one thing anyone knows is that she certainly doesn’t lack for younger, male companionship.

There are many who think that sex is all a cougar wants from her young “cub.” Who knows what she is thinking? One thing that is for certain is that sex with her is definitely not going to be boring or hum-drum. She is old enough to know exactly what she wants from her younger companion, and is not afraid to let her sexual fantasies be known to him.

Even though older women love to have their young lover in bed, she is by no means desperate! At the stage of the game she is at, she can pretty much pick and choose who she wants to be with. So if you are thinking that she has limited choices in who she brings to her bed, think again!! It’s the younger men who are falling over themselves to get there.

Cubs want to be with her sexually because they know she has the experience they might not have. They can learn a lot from her at any given time. She is also not inhibited about her needs and desires. A refreshing change from some of the young, inexperienced girls who expect an “I love you” after a sexual encounter.

A cougar expects no such thing, and unless the relationship develops into something serious, it’s the young guy who is liable to get carried away verbally. She just wants to relax and enjoy the moment. She is not some oversexed individual trying to regain her lost youth. She is secure in who she is and lives life to the fullest, so if you younger guys think she might be “easy”…think again! You’re in for a rude awakening.

All the hype surrounding the cougars-cub relationships has proved groundless because some of these couples have actually been together for a number of years. There are several rather famous couples who can attest to this fact! Obviously there is more than sex keeping them together-there must be many things they have in common for the relationship to endure for so long.

When you put it all into perspective, sex between to consenting adults is fine, even if the male is younger by some years. That is not what all older women/younger men relationships are however. Public opinion does seem to have shifted in recent years, though. It is no longer taboo for these couples to appear in public, but the people who do frown upon it are probably the ones who started the rumor about the “all about the sex” thing in the first place. Older women don’t crave sex like some addict, but it can be nice no matter what the age.

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