Learn The Fastest Way To Cougar Dating Success

Cougar dating is growing in popularity in recent years. Whereas before it was only celebrities daring to flaunt their older woman/younger man relationships, now it is quite common to see these couples out and about. They really seem to be enjoying each others company!

For all you younger guys who are fascinated with the idea of dating a cougar there are a few things you need to know before you jump into it. Dating an older woman is nothing like dating someone your own age, or even someone younger.

One of the first things you need to keep in mind is that any successful older woman is not going to get into a serious relationship with a younger guy right off the bat. Secondly, she may be looking for a one-night stand or a bit of excitement, and that is all.

A cougar wants and needs to be treated with respect, and she deserves it! A woman with a career and a level of success that she has attained expects to be treated a certain way, and you have to be man enough to measure up to her standards, no matter what your age.

If you want to attract a cougar take steps to prepare yourself for this adventure. Learn all you can about her, but don’t make yourself look like a stalker! Maybe you have a friend who could introduce you to her. Find out her likes and dislikes once you have met, but keep it low key and friendly until you have established a friendship.

No matter what your age you have to act older than what you are. She doesn’t want to be made to feel like your babysitter! She may be open to doing some of the things you like, but you also have to meet her on her level, too. A give and take relationship works wonders!

Dress appropriately when you take her on a date. Casual dress is fine when you are alone, but a night out on the town requires you to step it up a notch. Trust us-she will appreciate your efforts, and her friends will be impressed as well. Do it right if you want a second date!

Have your wallet ready! You cannot possibly expect her to pay. Unless the two of you have made a prior arrangement, it is up to you to foot the bill. She is undoubtedly used to her date paying for everything, so do not come off as some sort of cheapskate. You are trying to impress her, are you not?

If you think this relationship could be definitely going somewhere, and if you get the same vibes from her, take it nice and slow. There is no reason to push her into something more serious until you have spent some quality time together. You need to get to know each other before you take the relationship to the next level. She may be ready right away, but you should exercise some restraint until you are sure this is what you both want.

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Clear And Unbiased Facts About Cougar Sex Without All The Hype

By now everyone knows what the term cougar mean when applied to dating. A cougar is a woman somewhere between the age of 30 to 50 who prefers to date a guy around the age of 25. Her reasons may be known only to her, but one thing anyone knows is that she certainly doesn’t lack for younger, male companionship.

There are many who think that sex is all a cougar wants from her young “cub.” Who knows what she is thinking? One thing that is for certain is that sex with her is definitely not going to be boring or hum-drum. She is old enough to know exactly what she wants from her younger companion, and is not afraid to let her sexual fantasies be known to him.

Even though older women love to have their young lover in bed, she is by no means desperate! At the stage of the game she is at, she can pretty much pick and choose who she wants to be with. So if you are thinking that she has limited choices in who she brings to her bed, think again!! It’s the younger men who are falling over themselves to get there.

Cubs want to be with her sexually because they know she has the experience they might not have. They can learn a lot from her at any given time. She is also not inhibited about her needs and desires. A refreshing change from some of the young, inexperienced girls who expect an “I love you” after a sexual encounter.

A cougar expects no such thing, and unless the relationship develops into something serious, it’s the young guy who is liable to get carried away verbally. She just wants to relax and enjoy the moment. She is not some oversexed individual trying to regain her lost youth. She is secure in who she is and lives life to the fullest, so if you younger guys think she might be “easy”…think again! You’re in for a rude awakening.

All the hype surrounding the cougars-cub relationships has proved groundless because some of these couples have actually been together for a number of years. There are several rather famous couples who can attest to this fact! Obviously there is more than sex keeping them together-there must be many things they have in common for the relationship to endure for so long.

When you put it all into perspective, sex between to consenting adults is fine, even if the male is younger by some years. That is not what all older women/younger men relationships are however. Public opinion does seem to have shifted in recent years, though. It is no longer taboo for these couples to appear in public, but the people who do frown upon it are probably the ones who started the rumor about the “all about the sex” thing in the first place. Older women don’t crave sex like some addict, but it can be nice no matter what the age.

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Guaranteed Granny Sex Bliss

Granny dating is guaranteed to get you the sex you desire. Young guys world-wide find that if they love making out with an old(er) woman they really need to head to one of the thousands of online dating sites devoted to hot grannies looking for a good time in bed. These sites offer everything a young stud can hope to find if he is in the market for an granny aged woman.

Not only are these older women looking for a virile young guy to have a bonk with, they will probably be able to make your head spin! Sexual bliss with a granny is just within your reach. All you have to do is meet one to make all your erotic dreams a reality. Don’t lie awake wishing about having a granny of your own-go out and get one.

A granny is going to be able to teach you things you have only dreamed about because she has years of experience to draw on. There probably isn’t anything she hasn’t tried at least once-and more often if she liked it the first time! Younger guys-sexual bliss is right within your reach. A hot granny is waiting for you to contact her.

Most grannies want to meet younger guys for the sexual stamina they have. She knows they are going to be able to satisfy her appetite for great sex, and most of these women just can’t seem to get enough of their younger men. Sounding good so far? What are you waiting for?

A granny throws all her inhibitions out the window when it comes to shagging. She is willing to try everything and anything to attain sexual pleasure, and there are no holds barred. Why not? She has nothing to lose. She has lived her life the way she wanted to and now it is time to focus on herself! This may be nothing other than having a good time in bed with her young lover.

Think that she won’t be able to keep up with you? Think again! You may be the one who is exhausted after a sexual encounter with a granny. When it comes to sex, a granny knows how to keep you and herself satisfied and she is not afraid to let you know it. So, whether you are looking for a long lasting relationship or just a little “afternoon delight” a granny is the ideal woman for you, especially if you have a particular fondness for these older gals.

If you don’t know what to expect or how to act around these older woman you needn’t worry. She is perfectly willing to take you by the hand and guide you. She won’t be afraid to tell you what she wants and expects and some of what you learn will actually amaze you! These grannies are ready, willing, and very able to satisfy your every erotic fantasy.

So, if you find that you really dig these older ladies and have always wanted to get one on one with a granny, quit wasting your time and do something about it! There’s a very good chance you will never want to date someone your own age again.

For all my Aussie friends down under, I recommend a site called HotGrannyDating.com.au and there is also another site called HotCougarDating.com.au. I have heard they are really good and have lots of gorgeous Sheila totty! Can’t wait to go there this summer and meet up with my friends.

If you are reading this and in London, I have met some really hot granny slappers at HotGrannies.co.uk. By the way guys, there are quite a few sites that advertise themselves as completely free, like Free Granny Dating. Don’t believe the BS. It ain’t free! You have to pay – besides nothing in life is free is it? And that includes getting a good shag from a sexy UK GILF!

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Granny Dating And Cougar Dating-What’s The Difference?

A cougar is described as a woman in her late 30’s to late 40’s who prefer the company of a younger man-usually someone in their late 20’s. A granny is defined as a woman in her 60’s who likes young men who are 20 to 30 years her junior. Believe it or not some young men really like the older women and would prefer to date someone like this instead of a woman closer to their own age.

Why is this so? Many young men find that a female his own age is superficial, immature, and is only looking for marriage or someone who is well off. Cougars and grannies are well past that stage in their lives, and are more often than not quite well off themselves. Many of them are divorced and do not want to get married again. Others are widowed and find that they don’t want to replace their loved one, and still many have never been married and prefer it that way!

One of the main differences between cougar dating and granny dating is that a cougar will still want to party  and kick up her heels. She wants to hit the clubs, get in some drinking, listen to newer music and dance the night away. She wants a young guy who can keep up with her, not the other way around. She is still young enough to enjoy this lifestyle and is not ready to give it up yet.

Dating a granny might be a bit more sedate. She may prefer dining in high-end restaurants and listening to an entirely different type of music. She may want you to squire her to places like the opera, or benefits and the like. Dinner with friends her age might also be on the agenda. If you find this appealing, and you don’t see it as boring, you might very well enjoy dating a granny. Of course there must be some sort of attraction between the two of you also.

A cougar may still be in the workforce and she may be busy with her career and can only see you on occasion, or when it suits her schedule and mood. She may also spend a lot of time with her friends and won’t always have time for you. This is not the relationship for you if you are the jealous type or want her to focus all her attention on you.

A granny will undoubtedly want you to be at her beck and call. She has all the time in the world, and she will want to spend that time with you. She probably no longer works and has time and money to spend and will want to focus on you. If you don’t mind a quieter lifestyle and being with her a lot, granny dating might be for you. Make sure you know what is what before you get too deep into any relationship that involves an older woman! It can be a lot of fun if you know what is expected of you right from the start!

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Gilf Dating – Where To Find Older Women Seeking Younger Men

In the media, a lot of coverage revolves around older women seeking younger men. In the United Kingdom, these women are also called gilfs or grannies and actively go out to look for young and attractive men to have affairs with. This phenomenon of gilf dating does not just occur with celebrities, either; it occurs with regular women and men.

A lot of advantages come with gilf dating, the least of which would be that mature British women are very secure with themselves and therefore never seem needy in any way. They also know exactly what it is that they want and are never afraid to ask for it. These qualities make them perfect matches for a lot of young men nowadays.

So, how can you succeed at attracting and dating a granny? Well, first you need to find out where they are hiding. Then, you need to flirt with them and, if things go well, they might even be the ones who end up asking you out.

So where should you look for these grannies in order to start on your new game of gilf dating? If you want, you can check out places where other young men hang out. A true gilf granny would enjoy hanging out at places where attractive and young men hang out, so football pubs might be a good choice for granny scouring. Older women that you find hanging out in those locations would probably be more willing to date a young man like you compared to older women that you find hanging out in coffee shops.

You can also scour more expensive clubs and pubs, if you want. Since grannies have quite a bit of money, finding places where they can spend that cash would be a smart move. Get ready to put on a suit, too. Since older women try to look their best, you can be sure that they expect their cubs to look their best, too.

Now that you know how you can find grannies, your overall task should be much easier. Smile a lot and make use of your body language when trying your luck at gilf dating. Once you catch a pretty granny’s eyes, approach her and offer to buy her a drink. True grannie singles will usually be up for these games and are sure to flirt back in an instant.

Naturally, it is understandable if you are the type of young man who is shy or does not enjoy a lot of bar hopping. If this is the case, do not worry; tons of other easy ways still exist with which you can find the perfect granny for you. The greatest option for young men with low self-confidence or those who do not enjoy going to clubs and bars would be to try out online dating.

A lot of gilf dating websites exist on the internet where you can join free of charge to find out whether dating online is your thing. Plus, online dating membership sites also exist that specialize in older women seeking younger men, so you can simply set up your profile and start looking for grannies right away. Good luck!

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Dating An Older Woman – How To Succeed In Granny Dating

The first perk that comes with dating an older woman would be the fact that she is more mature compared to her younger counterparts. This is most true in the world of relationships. The amount of younger men looking to date older women is steadily increasing due to this reason and many more.

If you happen to be a young man and wish to meet and date older women, you should learn several tips first since you will not be able to succeed at dating an older woman otherwise. Here are several things you need to take into consideration in order to win over grannies in no time.

First of all, you always have to act like a gentleman – never forget this! If you behave like a gentleman, you can guarantee that you will get over any other pitfalls that other younger men tend to find themselves in this type of dating. As with every other woman, older women like to be respected and shown how important and special they are. Because of this, being a gentleman will put you in the proper position to sweep women off of their feet with ease. It would be important to make sure that you are completely sincere when doing this, though, since being fake will merely send you down the relationship spiral before you even take off.

One other thing you should know is that you should never get ahead of yourself. This merely means that you need to let your relationship develop in a natural manner without pushing things. Since mature women singles already have tons of experience in the world of dating, playing with their heads will never be an option for you.

Older women are masters at dating tricks and because of this, you will not have anything new to offer them that they have not seen before. By knowing this fact, you can bring other important virtues to the table, such as honesty, and focus on them to impress the ladies.

One other thing you need to remember in dating an older woman would be to remain calm and maintain your overall focus. There may be times where you get overexcited, but you should still stay relatively calm since you want to appear mature enough to handle a woman her age.

You should also be charming at all times when dating an older woman by smiling and maintaining eye contact. Older women love being around men who are pleasant, happy and charming. You can also show your charm by making sure that you pay close attention to anything that she says. Find out about her interests and passions. Showing keenness is going to get you tons of points when dating mature women singles. Do this instead of concentrating on their looks.

If you thought younger women were self-conscious, older women are even more so, so ensure that you offer nothing but compliments and never talk about physical appearances. A lot of older women still look great, no matter how old they are, but it would still be ideal to shower her with compliments. When dating an older woman, above all, remember to keep things light and fun. Keep things simple and make sure that you have an enjoyable experience in hot granny dating every time. Good luck! By the way, if you are in the UK and are looking for some really good granny dating sites, check out a useful site called GrannyDatingReviews.co.uk

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Cougar Dating – Top Tips and Advice

Dating experts say that cougar dating would be the perfect solution for men who want to date casually and aren’t really looking for someone to marry. However, although most people who jump onto this particular dating trend do it without looking for a serious relationship, it wouldn’t hurt to learn more about how it works first to make sure that you make the most out of your experiences with it, right?

After all, if you know exactly how cougar dating works, then you could end up having an incredible time in the dating field. Here is the lowdown on what to expect when dating a cougar in today’s day and age.

Should You Look into Cougar Dating?

Aside from enjoying a casual relationship, cougar dating also involves a lot of sex. If you have no idea how this particular dating setup works; well, it basically involves a relationship, wherein a couple share intimate sexual moments without any serious commitments to one another. In other words, you can basically have random or scheduled dates whenever you want to with sex on the side.

Of course, not everybody will enjoy this kind of setup. In fact, it might only suit people who love to flirt and are generally outgoing and like to have fun while dating. Also, before entering into a relationship that involves casual sex, you need to be prepared to consent to this kind of intimacy and yet be assertive enough to set your personal boundaries with your potential partner beforehand. Remember: this kind of relationship doesn’t really have any limitations aside from the ones that you set for it.

Before joining the cougar sex dating scene, you also need to know what you want out of a relationship, in general. Once you know this, you will have an easier time deciding what to run after and what to avoid altogether.

Cougar Dating – The Potential Pitfalls

Although cougar dating comes with a lot of traits that both women and men are sure to enjoy, it would be highly advisable to be wary about where you step. After all, it can be easy for you to forget to think logically, for example, most of all if you get too caught up in the moment.

One of the most important things for you to watch out for in this department would be your safety, most of all if you decide to date somebody that you meet online. While it may be easy to believe everything that an attractive person tells you online, you need to remember that fake identities run rampant on the World Wide Web nowadays, as well.

Another thing to worry about in the world of cougar dating would be your health. It goes without saying that it is important to practice safe sex at all times, especially when you partake in casual sex with people you hardly even know.

Overall, cougar dating is a great option for people who love excitement. However, it would be vital to know the pitfalls that come with it, as well – remember that. If you are looking to find cougar women, check out a site called CougarDating.eu– it has loads of hot women from lots of different countries, including the UK of course!

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Cougar Dating – The Pitfalls You Should Beware Of!

If you are a woman between 40 and 60 years old and want to have hot sex with a young hunk without any commitments whatsoever or any strings attached, for that matter, then you need to look into cougar dating today. However, if you want to find a solid relationship that may eventually result in marriage, then you need to steer clear of cougar dating altogether. So, think ahead and try to see what the future has in store for you before making your final decision in the matter.

Think about these questions, too: do you like being seen as the prize in the relationship? Do you like feeling unique? Do you like knowing that you can offer men things that other women cannot offer them, such as your wit, your humor, your intellect, your unique thoughts about life, your emotional support, your love and your ultimate bond and chemistry?

Would you be wiling to stop being the prize for a short-term fling?
For something completely unsubstantial?
For something that may or may not give you a short confidence boost?

Well, that is all that cougar dating can really offer you – that, and emotional toll. Admit it: as a woman, you are a very emotional creature, no matter how strong you think you might be. This is simply how God made you. Women generally have difficulties separating sexual relationships from love, most of all when the sack sessions are good and the emotions evolve quicker than expected.

This isn’t how cougar dating is meant to work, though. Young hunks end up milking older women for everything that they can get out of it, and they can easily separate sex and love by nature.

Unfortunately, this isn’t how things work with women. So, when the woman’s emotional attachment starts to click in, she might end up getting possessive and wondering why he doesn’t call more or visit her more. She might start getting angry when she catches him looking at younger women, as well.

This might make her scared of losing him, so she might start buying him gifts and paying for his bills. She might start lending him money for various business opportunities and might eventually start getting too attached to him.

Sometimes, this might lead to long-term relationships. However, you really shouldn’t count on that!

Here are several things to think about:
If you already have children and get involved with someone in his 20s, you need to remember that he is just starting while you are already done with certain phases.

– Could you have more kids with this man?
– Can you live with the fact that you will get gray hair and wrinkles earlier than him?

Aside from that, are you prepared to live with somebody who doesn’t share any interests with you in terms of movies, music, technology or art? Remember: he is from a completely different generation altogether.

If you imagine yourself getting married to someone that you can have a romantic, healthy and lasting marriage with, then you need to steer clear of cougar dating like the plague. Instead, try looking for a man who has direction and is ready for that phase in his life.

To get the man of your dreams, practice certain win-win principles that are based on the male psychology when they are challenged to go after a woman. Become the bait that he will want to catch and then pair up this challenge with principles of Agape love. This will give you a great combination in your hands that will increase your chances of winning over a loving husband. Wouldn’t that be so much greater than joining the cougar dating trend?

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5 Serious Things You Should Know Before Granny Dating

If you’re on the hunt for a super hot older woman to show you a few new tricks in the bedroom and blow your mind, let me first tell you this – if you’re not man enough for the task, you won’t last five minutes.

You need to be able to keep up with these older women if you want to keep them on side – older women, just like myself, are not easily pleased, and the half-assed performance you put in with the 20-something girls of your own generation, won’t be enough to keep me, and women like me, satisfied.

Granny’s – they aren’t easy targets.

That’s the first thing you should get out of your head. You can’t just run up to a fitter, older woman and tell her you’re taking her to bed because life doesn’t work like that. She has her pick of the bunch, especially on those granny dating sites, especially if she keeps herself looking good, as I do. I’m joined up to a couple of those websites and let me tell you this – the competition is fierce and plentiful. I’m never short of younger, male admirers.

They want to feel young again!

They’ve just spent a number of years in a marriage that may have come to an end for one reason for another. They’ve been a wife, a mother, a grandmother, and now they want to be something else – they want to be themselves. They want to be able to explore and have fun in the bedroom, and make up for all those years they wasted with boring, military-position sex that only happened once a week and on special occasions. That’s where you come in – you are there to make them feel young again. So do it – don’t try to be their older, boring husbands, be yourself! Be young, be energetic, and above all else, be fun.

They won’t mother you

Right, they really won’t. They’ve had their kids, they don’t want their younger lover to become their next big kid. They won’t do your laundry, and they won’t cook your dinner. They want you to pleasure them in bed, so you can’t expect to keep the passion alive by leaving your dirty pants at hers for her to wash and iron. Be a man. We want a younger lover, not another child!

They won’t be clingy, that’s for sure!

If you want a girlfriend that you can check up on, to know where she is all the time, and the same be said for her and your whereabouts, you’re barking up the wrong tree here. The Granny won’t be checked up on. In fact, she’ll hate that. She has her own life, and you fit in where you fit in. It’s as simple as that. If you want to be clingy, find yourself a younger guy. It’s as simple as that.

She’s not just looking for a one night stand.

If you play your cards right, and show her all the right moves, you could have yourself a very regular booty call. She’s not looking for sex with random multiple partners all the time. It’s nice to know you have one guy that you can trust, to have fun with whenever you have the time to. It’s exhausting having to chat someone up online and get to know them for a couple of days just to get a great night out of it. Keep her happy and you’ve got the perfect long-term sex-based relationship on your hands. What more could the average younger guy want?

So before you start your Granny dating quest, before you try to seduce that hot, older GILF into your bedroom, make sure you know what you’re doing. She’ll have no problems in ditching you if you’re not the full package, and there’s plenty more where you came from! 😉

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5 Little Moves Your GILF Wishes You Did in Bed!

Right guys, I’m not saying you’re inexperienced. I’m not saying that you’re going to be crap in bed. I’m not even saying that you NEED a helping hand when it comes to understanding the mature woman’s body, but let’s be honest, extra knowledge never did anyone any harm, did it? Especially when it means you could be a better lover.

Older women need taking care of a slightly different way to the younger girls you’re probably well used to sleeping with. Or not sleeping with. The heavy-handed, rough and tumble approach isn’t going to bode well for you with a Granny. She is a woman with years and wisdom behind her, so there’s a good chance she’s going to know more than a few tricks herself. That’s certainly the case with me, so I decided to do you all a favour and let you in on the dirty little secrets.

I hope you’re sitting down…

1 – Don’t underestimate the power of foreplay.

So many men cut this out, especially younger guys that haven’t got years of experience behind them. Foreplay is your best friend when it comes to seducing a hot, older Granny, and if you’re not willing to put in the leg work, you’re not gong to get a call back.

Google it, if you don’t know what to do. This is stuff that will help you with ALL ladies, not just the more mature ones.

2 – Don’t leave her nipples out.

Sorry, was that too to-the-point for you? Guys seem to have this weird obsession with breasts, but when they’re ready, naked and waiting in front of them, they don’t really know what to do. Pay attention to her breasts when you’re seducing her, and she’ll be putty in your hands. Didn’t you know there is an actual connection between the arousal part of the brain, and direct stimulation of her nipples…?

3 – Be open about your fantasies

She’s probably going to be open about hers to you. Isn’t that what you want, anyway? She’s inviting you into her bed because she wants YOU! She wants to try the fruits of your labour, and she wants to try new things full stop. If you aren’t open about what you want to try in bed, you’re wasting a blinding opportunity. Chances are, she’s already thought about doing it too!

4 – Don’t be afraid to go with the moment!

If you really want to ravish her the second you both walk through the front door, do it! Do you know how much your Granny wants that more than anything? After years of scheduled sex with a tired husband who worked too many hours, and had a heart condition, she wants spontaneous, RIGHT NOW sex!

So for the love of God, just give it to her!

5 – Don’t be afraid to explore her body.

If you want to blindfold her, tie her to her headboard, and go crazy, finding all those little spots that make her toes curl, and a little gasp escape her throat, do it! She doesn’t have half as many body hang-up’s as girls your own age. This GILF has learned to live with her flaws, and all those little bits abut her body she didn’t like. It’s wildly refreshing to go crazy with someone that doesn’t feel the need to turn the lights off and cover up with a duvet first, so make the most of it!

Above all else, have fun with your sex. That’s what your Granny wants – someone to have fun with, and to refresh a tired and bland sex life with. Trust me – as a ‘GILF’ myself, that’s all I want!

PS…By the way guys, these tips in this post were written by a hot GILF I shagged from a really cool GILF dating site called Granny Dating Club. Check it out! You’ll love it!

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Dating Older Women

A while ago, me and few blokes were having a beer in the local pub. Those blokes were my best friends from high school. Although this sounds like a plot from the film The World’s end, it’s not like that. We are still good friends. Anyway, we were sitting talking about how Leicester could win The Premier League, how our teams that we support disappointed us. Most of us said that Rooney could only make the bench and how Kane and Vardy must start for England. Stubborn Don had to say that we needed Rooney’s experience, but after few minutes, he changed his mind. Later that evening, we started talking about women. Well, most of us started, because Stubborn Don is married and he had to go home early. After the sixth pint, Jamie, also known as a quiet one, had to share with us something. He said: ”Guys, we know each other for decades, and I would like you to listen to me.” We stopped talking and put our ears up front. He said: ”Guys I am with the older woman.”

None of us were shocked at first – we were asking questions that were rude and that kind of questions I will not post online, but one of the questions were how old was she. He finally said that she was thirty years older than him. Then we were shocked. I tried to listen to Jamie because we always had a good relationship between us, but other were very vocal about this topic. They said they could never fool around with some old lady.

Jamie then tried to tell us that he wasn’t fooling around and that he was dating her. I know I said to myself; hm, granny dating. He also said that she wasn’t the first one and that he had another relationship with an older woman before. Then others said that he was trying to rebound after he left Nancy (his ex-girlfriend) by granny dating. When they used this term, then I realized why we spent so much time together, we started to think alike. So we asked him to tell us why he started dating older women.

Then he told us about problems with Nancy and other younger women. Well, younger than these particular older women. He said that with Nancy and other women of her age, he needed to be more patient. He had some conversations that he didn’t enjoy and going out with her could be more exhausting that he thought it would be. With older women he could do whatever he wanted. They are dating only for fun. They are divorced and sometimes only want a quiet dinner, in which Jamie enjoys a lot. I don’t know if Jamie will fall in love with some of these women but he is having fun with them and that makes him happy, as a matter of a fact, he makes happy these women as well.

We finally went home, and we all started thinking; are we missing something? We are all sure that Harry Kane must start for England at Euros, but we weren’t sure that we could also try dating older women – still everyone choose their path.

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Dating And Relationships – Not Every Older Woman Is A Granny

Without a doubt, women have come a very long way when it comes to getting rid of the double standards of decades past. Although this doesn’t necessarily mean that society is completely accepting of equality nowadays, things are definitely changing. Just take a look at the relationships that tend to occur between older women and younger men nowadays.

When older men date younger women, people’s perspectives are a bit different. After all, this scenario has been around for a very long time. In fact, the older man might even get praises for having won over such a young woman.

This isn’t the case when the woman is older, though. In fact, a lot of people consider it shameful and indecent for older women to date somebody younger than them. It doesn’t even matter if both parties consist of consenting adults who enjoy each other’s company and find one another attractive.

Right now, there is a term for when older women date younger men: Granny dating. Granny dating basically refers to an intimate and fun relationship that doesn’t involve serious commitments – something that is alright for a lot of adults nowadays. However, the term ‘Granny’ in itself essentially refers to a woman who is ready to jump onto any unsuspecting prey in their midst before moving on to another. In other words, it makes the older woman look like a real predator in the dating scene.

Well, it is true that some older women are interested in nothing but one-night-stands, but this is how a lot of older men think, as well. Why is it that nobody has come up with a term for them, like ‘slapper dating’?

It doesn’t really matter who came up with the term, though. The point is that society seems to look at these relationships in a completely different way compared to the way they look at other relationships.

What they don’t seem to realize is that people all have different desires and motivations in terms of relationships, regardless of how old they might be.

For most Granny relationships, it is all about two people and nothing else. As with any other dating relationship out there, it involves attraction, compatibility, and the person’s willingness to build onto the relationship. Singling out the age of a woman an putting a label on her just shows how narrow-minded society still is despite being in such a technologically advanced world as today.

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